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Cloud Technology

Theft of Your Data 

Don't Have Fearful Dreams

Starting from 49 TL per month

Cloud World for you with prices


Accounting etc. with prices starting from 800 TL per month. Use all your servers over the Cloud

To Migrate to Cloud Structure
What do you need?

To work in Cloud Architecture 

Everything you need is here.

We are with you with high performance server infrastructure and economical prices.

Regardless of Physical or Virtual Server, you can move all your existing servers to the Cloud by renting a virtual server.

By backing up all your data hosted on the Sql server such as accounting, hotel software, CRM to the Cloud, you can protect your system from hacker attacks, etc. It protects against all attacks and takes your backups safely.

You can move the servers you currently use by renting physical space, or you can physically lease and use a server with the features you want, and  you can manage.

Exchange Mail Server Service / Office365

Thanks to our new generation hosting service, you can safely use your existing e-mails in the Office365 environment, which is the Microsoft Mail System.

Why Should I Move My Servers To The Cloud?

Why Should I Send My Backups to the Cloud?

Why should I move my servers to the cloud, what does the cloud provide me?

# Provides 24/7 business continuity with its high technology

     Cloud server systems are not affected by hardware failures because they work with more than one redundancy on the data center, even if the server they are working with is damaged, the backup cloud servers will be activated 24/7 without interruption, so your business will not be interrupted.

# It's safe, keeping your data safe all the time

     Cloud servers are protected by advanced integrated security systems and also; Data espionage is prevented by using crypto technologies on your data. Existing systems are backed up with online and offline backup systems in more than one location.


# High performance  and offers the latest technology

     ICOMP cloud server systems infrastructure is built with Mission Critical Server hardware and also has 10Gbe and 40Gbe network infrastructure with high traffic capacity. That's why they always offer the best and highest performance.  

# Provides Quick Access and Security

     You can access your servers easily and securely from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the integrated security infrastructure, your systems are under end-to-end protection, so you always stay safe.

Why should I send my backups to the cloud, what does cloud backup provide me?

# Prevents data loss  

    ICOMP  The cloud backup system sends an encrypted copy of your SQL data of your current server to the secure cloud environment and hosts it here, so you can move your data back if there is a problem in the systems. The backups taken here are protected in such a way that they cannot be deleted even by you. In this way, no hacker attack, etc. Your data is not affected by attacks.

# It is secure, no one else can access it but you

     It is known that backup systems are primarily targeted in ransom-oriented encryption attacks, ICOMP Cloud data center is end-to-end protected with integrated security systems, so even if your company is exposed to a ransom-oriented attack, you will return your safe backups and continue your business. In this way, you will not succumb to hackers who charge very high prices.


# Relieves High Costs for Backup and Security

     It saves high hardware and software costs for backup, even if you are backing up on-premises, a copy of your data remains safe in the cloud environment in case of a possible disaster, it saves the cost of hosting expert personnel for backup management, and allows you to restore it whenever you want, wherever you want. 


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Ready to Move to the Cloud?

If you want to start cloud systems from somewhere, you want my data or my server to be safe now, contact us.

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