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Cloud Data Backup

Choose the package that suits your needs and get started!



1 pc. SQL Database

20GB Backup Space

Daily Backup

7 Days Back



4 pcs. SQL Database

60GB Backup Space

Daily Backup

7 Days Back


149 TL / MONTH

6 pcs. SQL Database

100GB Backup Space

Daily Backup

7 Days Back


249 TL / MONTH

12 nos. SQL Database

200GB Backup Space

Daily Backup

7 Days Back

ICOMP Cloud backup system sends a daily encrypted copy of your SQL data of your current server to the secure cloud environment and hosts it here, so you can move your data back if there is a problem in the systems. The backups taken here are protected in such a way that they cannot be deleted even by you. In this way, no hacker attack, etc. Your data is not affected by attacks.

 It saves high hardware and software costs for backup, even if you are backing up on-premises, a copy of your data remains safe in the cloud environment in case of a possible disaster, it saves the cost of hosting expert personnel for backup management, and allows you to restore it whenever you want, wherever you want.

It is known that backup systems are primarily targeted in ransom-oriented encryption attacks, ICOMP Cloud data center is end-to-end protected with integrated security systems, so even if your company is exposed to a ransom-oriented attack, you will return your safe backups and continue your business. In this way, you will not succumb to hackers who charge very high prices.

Need another package? Let us know your needs and we will create a special package for you.

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