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Hosting or Renting a Physical Server

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Physical Server Hosting or Physical Dedicated Server Rental

By moving your system room located in your own local office (office) to the ICOMP data center, you can reduce your costs such as electricity, internet, air conditioning, security and redundancy, as well as save your budget for system management.


Regardless of your server number and resource needs, you can manage your system room through our data center.

You can have higher performance, continuity and data security with fully redundant energy and internet infrastructure in private unshared cabins.


You can perform the necessary operations for server management by connecting to our systems via SSL VPN or remote desktop, and most importantly, you can come to our data center 24/7 and perform operations on your server.

As a result of the examination to be made by our system administrators regarding your system room relocation operations, all physical transport, cabinet placement and network operations will be carried out by our system engineers free of charge.  done by.


At the end of the migration process, you can start to manage your servers and you can easily access your data from wherever you are.  

For your systems with complex architecture and VLAN structure, site to site VPN to the network area reserved for you in the ICOMP DataCenter with your existing network.  With (point-to-point connection), your users and servers in the datacenter continue to work as if they were on the same network.

We do not have a clear package or price list, as our Physical Server Rental Service is done entirely according to the customer's server specifications. Our physical server rental service is only for servers that will be kept in the datacenter. We do not have a rental service to be used at the customer location.

Tell us your need for Server Rental or Hosting

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